About Heidi Fettig Parton


I am a lapsed lawyer and writer of creative nonfiction. I write personal essay, memoir, and poetry. As a mother of three, my writing celebrates familial and other interpersonal relationships (and I don’t shy away from the juicy parts), as well as the natural world. My work has appeared or is forthcoming in Angels Flight, literary west (AFLW), Assay JournalBrevity’s Nonfiction Blog, The Forge Literary Magazine, Grown and Flown, MindBodyGreen, The Manifest-Station, The Rumpus, St. Croix 360, Topology Magazine and others.

I serve as a volunteer reader for Hippocampus Magazine. I enjoy making this small contribution to the creative nonfiction literary world and have learned so much from this weekly committment to reading and commenting on the essays of others in my effort to assist Hippocampus in selecting the essays it will publish.

In addition to writing and reading essays, I devote the other chunk of my writer’s life to working on a 90,000-word memoir about how I gave myself permission to stop collecting broken people and start embracing a life free of the need to fix (kinder word) or control (truer word) other people. I’ve nearly completed this memoir, once again (let’s call this Version 23.0), and am preparing to shop this book around to agents and/or publishers.


I hold an MFA in creative nonfiction from Bay Path University (2017). In 2011, I received my 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification and a Yin Yoga teaching certification in 2012. I graduated with honors from law school in 1994. In 1991, I graduated summa cum laude with a BA in English. I worked as a law clerk, lawyer, and then on the academic side of legal publishing for a decade. I’ve also taught legal writing at the University of Minnesota.


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