Burnt Underwear: a memoir

It’s the summer of 2001. I’m Heidi, daughter of Marcia, wife of Ed, mother of Hannah and Ethan. I’ve spent my life trying to be perfect. Now that I’m divorcing Ed, my husband of ten years, I am determined to have the perfect divorce too. But here’s the deal:

  • No one told me I’d meet Michael, a vegan, anarchist, poet, who is so gloriously Ed’s opposite and no one told me I’d be dating him just a week after moving into my own place–violating the number one rule of my divorce guidebook.
  • No one told me that Marcia would decide to leave my dad just a month after Ed and I split up.
  • No one told me terrorists would strike at our collective foundation that September.
  • And no one told me that even vegan anarchist poets could be assholes, particularly when they’re busy divorcing too.

Perhaps it’s better I wasn’t told these things because I’m busy escaping the marriage of my youth and it’s hard work, this treading through burnt underwear and other cast-offs from my imperfect life.