Photo courtesy of D. Albrecht Photography

I am a writer who seeks, page by page, layer by layer, to reveal the full color version of my story. I don’t do small talk in life or on the page. I crave the truth and authenticity of both your experience and mine.

I’m Heidi Fettig Parton. I used to be Heidi Hellekson–back when I received both my BA in English and law degree; when I practiced law and worked in legal publishing. After a decade-long career in legal publishing, which spanned my single-parenting years, I remarried and left the publishing world when Josh, my third child, was born with hearing loss. Josh’s language development became my number one priority, but I also . . .


With my three children on the day Hannah graduated from Beloit College.

began to write a memoir about my first year single, post-divorce; perhaps because I needed to remember how, in the past, I’d shown strength and courage in the face of change and adversity. I needed to spend a small part of each day remembering the power of transformation that I’d witnessed before in my life.



Me with Josh in 2012

Since 2009, I’ve also blogged about Josh’s ear issues and hearing disability over at my motherimperfect blog. One day I will write the book of my transformation and healing through these years of raising Josh–but not until I begin to see the outline of the forest amongst all of these trees.

In 2011, I attained my 200-hour yoga teaching certification and in May of 2017, I received my MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Bay Path University.


Taken while biking around the University of Washington campus with Hannah. I don’t usually wear a helmut while practicing yoga.



Photo courtesy of D. Albrecht Photography

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