Photo courtesy of D. Albrecht Photography

I don’t do small talk, in life or on the page. I write personal essays, poems, and memoir. Whatever the form, I try to write towards the emotional truth of an experience.

For a long time now, I’ve been writing and rewriting a memoir that embraces the years just before and after the divorce of my early thirties. Something about that particular liminal zone won’t let me go. Those years were all about transformation.

Since 2009, I’ve blogged about parenting over at my motherimperfect blog.

In 2011, I received my 200-hour yoga certification. When I started my MFA program, I stopped teaching yoga. Then, somewhere along the line–probably when I was knee deep in my thesis–I stopped practicing yoga. Now, I am practicing yoga again (though not teaching); I realize that my yoga practice makes my writing practice possible. You can find a smattering of my yoga thoughts over at my Yoga Teachings blog.

I received my MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Bay Path University in 2017.

DSC_0401 - Version 2

Photo by Phoebe Fettig

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